Carissa Moore ’10

2017 Spirit and Service Speaker: Carissa Moore ’10

Between her travels to surf destinations around the world, three-time world surf champion Carissa Moore ’10 visited Punahou to speak to Punahou’s youth as this year’s Spirit and Service Speaker.

“Her story of using her talents and gifts to make a difference in the world inspires us all. She’s a beautiful soul,” said Chaplain Lauren Buck Medeiros.

Every year, for over a decade, the Punahou Chapel and the Luke Center for Public Service have partnered to invite speakers to share stories that embody the connection between faith and action.

“It’s so refreshing to be in a room with so much happiness. I can’t stop smiling,” Moore said in her greeting to students, teachers and parents gathered in the K – 1 Community Room.

Moore shared stories about her beginning days in surfing: “When I was 6, my dad would take me to the beach every day after school to tandem surf, play in the ocean, tumble around in the sand and build sand castles. There were no grand schemes to win world titles or big goals to travel the world and be a professional surfer. At that point, it was just about having fun and doing something that I loved.”

She said to students, “I encourage you to try everything. Take music classes, take art classes, do sports. Find out what you’re passionate about and what you love. It’s the time to make mistakes, to fall down and get back up, and to ask for help.”

This speaker series is generously supported by gifts from the Class of 1941 Chapel Endowment and the Chaplain Kenneth O. and Doris A. Rewick Community Service Endowment.

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