A Look Back: Christmas

We’re looking back at how Punahou has celebrated the holidays over the years. Here are photos from the Punahou Archives that span from 1927 – 2000.

2000: Children from the Class of 2013 sing holiday songs on the steps of Cooke Hall
1996: Class of 2008 sings at Sullivan Administration Building
Unknown Year: The Class of 2012 performs in the Chapel
1961: A winter scene from a holiday dance program
Unknown year: A Christmas performance in the Chapel
1963: Second graders from the Class of 1974 hang their stockings
1979: The fifth and sixth grade Christmas play
1950s: Students at a Christmas dance
1965: Brownie Scouts with their stockings
Unknown year: The Class of 2008 carolers bring cheer to the Sullivan Administration Building
1951: Cub Scouts from the Class of 1960 donate presents to war orphans
1946: Girls from the Classes of 1947 and 1948 decorate a tree
1927: Students from the Classes of 1929 and 1931 act out a Christmas scene on the steps of Charles Reed Bishop Hall
Unknown year: The Classes of 1983 –1986 at their Christmas performance in the Chapel.

Please email the Punahou Archives if you can help identify any missing dates.

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