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Winter 2018

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Setting the Stage

On a bright May afternoon, Punahou’s Drama Workshop, nestled in the basement of Dillingham Hall, was teeming with preparations for an upcoming production of Lanford Wilson’s “Hot l Baltimore.” Backstage assistants hauled in a black velvet curtain to be hung while a dozen students from Theatre Performance class fanned out across the 70-seat house, trading updates about AP exams and Senior Sing.

Holoku and May Day 2017

Hopoe Ka Lehua — the theme of this year’s Holoku Pageant and middle school May Day program — describes a perfectly shaped lehua blossom. Through mele, oli and dance, students shared stories of the ‘ohia lehua, paying tribute to this native tree that has tremendous cultural and ecological significance to our island home.

Les Misérables

Based on Victor Hugo’s classic, “Les Misérables” is the story of Jean Valjean, released after 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread. Valjean becomes a successful factory owner and the mayor of a prosperous town, but is relentlessly hunted by police inspector, Javert.

Visualizing A Close-Knit Community

Chloé Selarque ’11, an artist and teaching assistant in the Academy art department is engaging Punahou’s community through an art installation project of four floor-to-ceiling sized looms set up in Cooke Library Learning Commons, Bishop Learning Commons (BLC), Luke Center and the Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood.

Variety Show 2017

The Class of 2017 explored the evolution of communication in this year’s Variety Show, “I Can’t Techno More: Face Time!” From primitive grunts and hand gestures of cave people to handwritten letters of days gone by, the seniors put a comedic spin on the various ways humans have communicated over time, and the effect technology and social media have had on interpersonal communications.

Finding Connections Through Art

As part of their studies of “makai,” K – 1 students’ learning is focused on the ocean, which extends to Arlene Merritt’s art class.

‘Disney’s Mulan JR.’ Brings Ancient China to Life

With catchy songs and action-packed scenes, “Disney’s Mulan JR.” celebrated a beloved tale of Chinese culture and honor. Performances presented by Punahou middle- school students, based on the 1998 Disney film “Mulan” and the story “Fa Mulan” by Robert San Souci, captivated audiences of all ages in early November.

Time for Three

Over the course of two days, violinist Nick Kendall, double-bassist Ranaan Meyer and violinist Charles Yang — all members of the critically acclaimed trio, Time for Three — intersected with Punahou students, faculty and staff with virtuosic musical performances and critical insight into the creative process and its role in education.

‘Godspell JR.’

This summer, students in grades 6 – 8 presented modern-day musical parables from the Gospel According to St. Matthew in “Godspell JR.”

May Day and Holoku 2016

On April 16, nearly 400 students and alumni came together in Hemmeter Fieldhouse to honor the tradition of Holoku through music, song and dance. “Na Hali‘a Holoku,” the theme of the 2016 Holoku Pageant celebrated 50 years of Holoku memories.

The Sleeping Beauty

In April, 470 students from the Punahou Dance School transformed the Dillingham Hall stage in this year’s Triennial performance of “The Sleeping Beauty.” Dancing in six sold-out performances over the five-day run, students ranging from grades 1 – 12 performed 44 musical numbers featuring five different dance forms: ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater and street dance.

Lily Ponderings

This year’s Variety Show traced the adventures of six seniors who fall into the Lily Pond, only to discover that it is a portal to an alternate Punahou. As they explore familiar places on campus, each of which seems to have some strange twist, they learn about themselves. Eventually the bonds of friendship allow them to reconnect and return “home” to their Punahou.