Big Shot: Aloha Kamaola

Academy students enrolled in the Ma ka hana ka ‘ike explorations course stand the rig and mast of the School’s new Hawaiian voyaging canoe, Kamaola. The idea to build a voyaging canoe was first envisioned by alumna Dillyn Lietzke ’20 while she was a student at Punahou. Her idea led to the launch of a voyaging class and for a team of students, faculty, staff and community members to build the canoe and a voyaging program.

Lietzke said her hope is for Kamaola to deeply connect students to the ocean and environment. “I hope it creates a love for the land and for the ocean, and that they’ll feel inclined to protect it,” she said.

The full story of Kamaola will be told in the summer issue of the Bulletin.

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