Creative Gifting: Jonathan Goto ’06 and Marisa Yuh ’06

In honor of their 15th Reunion, classmates and married couple Jon Goto ’06 and Marisa Yuh ’06 worked with their Reunion Committee gift chairs and Punahou staff to maximize their gift and give back in a creative way. They were able to make a tax-wise gift through stock and took advantage of a corporate giving program to double their impact.

We were tremendously privileged to attend Punahou for all 13 years from kindergarten through the Academy, and to have parents who worked hard and sacrificed to provide us with that opportunity.

We were fortunate to have the advantages of appreciated stock positions to gift as well as a generous donation match from Marisa’s employer. As a result, we were able to leverage our own modest, after-tax financial sacrifice into a much larger contribution to Punahou. We’re confident Punahou will be able to accomplish more good with those resources than we could.

We recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. When people ask us where we met, we can’t remember specifically, but it was probably somewhere on a playground of the old Wilcox Hall. Punahou is also a place where we made many other lifelong friendships and learned so much from our outstanding teachers and talented classmates. It will always be a special place for us.

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