Photo by Derek Wong

Derek Wong ’91

Face of Resilience

I was fortunate to photograph my grandmother at the age of 94. When I look at this image, it gives me strength and hope knowing she had lived and survived through many historic events and challenges. Some may see her deeply defined wrinkles as just age, but to me, it reflects her resilience, strength and compassion. I’m reminded how important it is to adapt to changing conditions and that nothing in life is guaranteed, but also that joy can always be found with family and friends.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I frequently enter people’s lives to capture important life events, but the pandemic changed the way people relate to each other, the way that we mark unions, births and passings. It changed the way we go through life.

Derek Wong is a professional photographer in Honolulu. He is a proud graduate of Punahou and is deeply inspired by his Class of 1991. His work can be found at and on Instagram @derekwongphotography.

© Derek Wong

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