Inside the Classroom: Grades 3 – 4 DTE

Building simple machines out of Legos in a third grade Design, Technology and Engineering class.

For third graders in Liz Castillo’s Design, Technology and Engineering class, a box of Legos is an opportunity for fun and learning. Using what they learned about levers, gears and pulleys, students constructed simple machines out of Legos that could move as they turned cranks.

While it may look like child’s play, Castillo says these are important lessons students can build on. “The concepts they learn now are foundational for future lessons where engineering skills are applied and incorporated into student creations,” she said.

Meanwhile, fourth graders in Dee Ching’s Design, Technology and Engineering class worked on a project that coupled coding with electronics. They created computer games, then used a special circuit board to make their own controllers out of Play-Doh.

“My favorite thing about about teaching this subject is watching the kids excitement as they take an idea or a project and make it come to life,” Ching said. “Their creativity is boundless and they have no fear in our class. They are taught to take risks, try new things and have fun.”

Play-Doh buttons become a game controller in a fourth grade class.

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