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Winter 2018

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The Punahou Bulletin is published and financed by Punahou School, issued four times a year (fall, winter, spring and summer), and is circulated free to more than 32,400 households of alumni, parents and friends of the School.

Contact the Bulletin

We welcome your letters. Letters should be sent with the writer’s name, address and daytime phone number to bulletin@punahou.edu. Letters may be edited for length and clarity, and may be published in any medium.

Please send alumni updates directly to the Class Correspondent (contact information is listed in the Alumni Notes section). For other inquiries regarding Alumni Notes, email notes@punahou.edu.

If you have news, questions or comments, please contact us via bulletin@punahou.edu or 808.944.5722.

The Bulletin staff reserves the right to select and edit all materials received.

For Address Changes

If you recently moved, or if this issue is addressed to your son or daughter who no longer maintains permanent residence at your home, please email address changes to addresschange@punahou.edu.

Board of Trustees

See the Punahou School website for a current list of board members.

Punahou Bulletin
  • Cheryl Cambra ’99 Prather, Editor
  • David Cox, Art Director and Design
  • Kathleen Connelly, Photography, Design and Production
  • Dorothy James ’98 Jorgensen, Alumni Notes Editor
  • Raina Fujitani, Production Coordinator
  • Brian Craven and Leif Tabernero, Online Design and Production
Editorial Advisory Board
  • John D. Field Jr. ’72, Vice President and Treasurer of Finance and Administration
  • Laurel Bowers ’71 Husain, Director of Communications
  • Dr. Emily McCarren, Academy Principal
  • Kathryn Nelson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Dr. Paris Priore-Kim ’76, Junior School Principal
  • Chai Reddy, Director of Wo International Center

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