Save the Date: Women in Tech Conference

Six trillion. That’s the combined market cap of the companies represented by the six distinguished Punahou alumnae speaking at the inaugural Women in Tech conference, which takes place April 6 – 7.

The two-day virtual event, open to alumni, students and others in the Punahou community, highlights women working in various capacities within the rapidly evolving tech industry. While the free, Webex conference celebrates the accomplishments of women, it is of equal benefit for men to gain a refreshingly different perspective on the unique challenges faced by women.

Workplaces everywhere are growing more diverse and inclusive, even in industries that have historically been male dominated. Recent trends also show more women pursuing STEM in college and reaching career milestones unheard of a few generations ago. Yet, women still confront such challenges as retaining their jobs as they begin families, wage gaps and attaining leadership positions.

The featured conference participants include women at varying stages of their career, who work at some of the largest and most successful tech companies in the world. They include:

●       Denise Ho ’93: Director, Product Management at Google

●       Rochelle Higa ’89 King: VP, Creative Production, Netflix

●       Beth Liebert ’01: Product Manager, Apple

●       Chloe Mai ’10: Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Tesla

●       Alicianne Rand ’03: Head of Marketing, Venmo

●       Dr. Valerie Galluzzi ’05 Liptak: Applied Scientist, Amazon Last Mile Machine Learning

The conference transpired after a recent conversation about mentoring young alumni in tech between John Hogan ’08, who works at Google, and Punahou Alumni Association New York (PAANY) co-chair Allen Murabayashi ’90. “We were immediately struck by how many female Punahou alumni are leaders in tech, some of whom held PhDs in computer science, and many who have received advanced degrees from schools like Stanford, MIT and Harvard,” Hogan said. “We thought that hearing from high-achieving Punahou alumnae could inspire students and alumni of any gender to consider a career in tech.”

Joined by Noelle Nakaoka ’20 and Malia Kiang ’18, the team set out to organize a panel of amazing Punahou alumnae whose stories will inspire and benefit current students, alumni, parents and faculty.

We hope you join us for this exciting event to hear about Punahou alumni at the forefront of the tech revolution.

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