Welcome, New Faculty

Punahou welcomed its newest faculty members from the Junior School and Academy during a new faculty and staff lūʻau on Aug. 9 and also at the Opening Day Chapel on Aug. 12. 

Join us in welcoming:

Raquel Avila-Bermond, Academy French Faculty
Margaret Burke, Junior School Learning Support Specialist
Kimberlee Cruz-Kalahiki, Academy S+Well Faculty
Katrina Delaunay, Assistant K – 1 Teacher
Erin Flynn, Junior School Science Faculty
Lauren Gibson, Junior School English Faculty
Daniela Goddard, Director for Luke Center for Public Service
Fiona Hayashi, Junior School Academic Support Faculty
Tiffany Hirota, K – 1 Faculty
Diandra Jones, Junior School English Faculty
Jerald (Kimo) Keaulana, Ike Hawai‘i Faculty – Kumu Hula Hawaiian Studies
Andrea Meller, Academy S+Well Faculty
Rachel Moriyama, Academy Social Studies Faculty
Cindy Murillo Fonseca, Academy Spanish Faculty
Shanel Nishimura, ASC Coordinator/AT Junior School
Ade Ogunniyi, Design Thinking Advisor
Stephanie Passamonte, Academy S+Well Faculty
Nicole Schofield, Junior School Faculty
Ann (Kina‘u) Shipman, Assistant K – 1 Teacher
Shari Smart, Academy Physical Education Faculty
Lauren Takao, Junior School Assistant Teacher
Adeline Tran, Junior School English Faculty
Michelle Valenti, Junior School English Faculty
Erica Washburn, Academy Social Studies Faculty
Shawn Williamson, Junior School Physical Education Faculty
Jolene Wu, Academy Science Faculty
Hikaru Yamaguchi, College Counseling
Annelise Yee, Academy Art Faculty
Stephanie Yoo, Academy English Faculty
Shelly Yoshikawa, Assistant Junior School Teacher
Tricia Matsumoto, K – 1 Faculty
Allison Milford, K – 1 Faculty

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