Why We Give: Fong Family Gift to the Academy Learning Commons

Honoring Intellectual Curiosity

Dr. Warren Fong ’81 and his siblings, Lori Fong ’92 and Dr. Brian Fong, have made a leadership gift to Punahou in honor of their mother, Caroline T. Fong. The Fong family gift is in support of the Archives in the new Academy Learning Commons, which is projected to open in 2025. 

Assisting the Archives, which plays an essential role in intellectual pursuits at Punahou, is consistent with the matriarch’s values. “My mother encouraged me to be independent, curious, adventurous and let my wings fly,” said Warren, a retired oncologist in Newport Beach, California.

This gift was also a way for him and his siblings to honor the School. “I am enduringly grateful to Punahou for giving me the keys to success, laced with compassion for others.” He believes his successful career in medicine is due to the excellent education he attained at Punahou.

After Warren entered Punahou in seventh grade and Lori subsequently started in kindergarten, their mother volunteered tirelessly on campus for more than 17 years, helping in classrooms, in the costume shop and with Carnival.

Caroline’s bond with the School remains intact, through her fervent enthusiasm for Punahou Football – and as an engaged grandmother to current students Kenji Unnerstall ’27 and Kira Unnerstall ’29. 

“My mother has been extremely influential in the lives and education of my children, Kenji and Kira,” Lori said. “She’s a true Buff and Blue, and she’s thrilled to see them thriving at Punahou. This gift is in honor of her spirit and dedication to a school she loves.” 

All three of the Fong siblings credit Caroline with their strong values around loyalty and hard work – and are excited to have a permanent plaque on campus dedicated to her. The siblings had recently made a similar gift to Saint Louis School, where their father and eldest brother Brian Fong, an orthopedic surgeon in Slidell, Louisiana, had attended, and they were thrilled to find a fitting opportunity to honor their mother at Punahou. “For all the love and support I received from my mother, I am honored to give to Punahou and provide the recognition she richly deserves,” noted Brian. 

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