Aloha Ceremony 2024

Celebrating Years of Service with Punahou

Punahou bids a warm mahalo to its faculty and staff who are celebrating milestone anniversaries or retiring from Punahou this year. We are deeply appreciative for their commitment and dedication to enrich our School and community. Punahou has greatly benefited from their longstanding contributions.

Below, we honor our 2024 honorees, who described their highlights of working at Punahou, and our cherished retirees who have left an indelible legacy at Punahou.

— 2024 Honorees —


Marguerite Ashford-Hirano ’71
Academy Dean

Marguerite began at Punahou in the 1989 –1990 school year, initially as Head Librarian at Cooke Library, before transitioning to Academy Dean in spring 1999. Working with the Cooke Library team for 10 years and the Deans’ Offices for 25 years, her tenure included leading the transition to automating Punahou’s libraries and overseeing the graduation of approximately 3,000 students across seven classes. Marguerite was actively involved in curriculum discussions and innovations, from the inception of Win Healy’s Dreamers and Schemers to contributions to the current Curriculum Committee.

Her personal interests include traveling, reading and family time, with special excitement for her new granddaughter. Having the best job at Punahou, guiding students through their Academy years and seeing their growth has been deeply rewarding. She’ll most miss her inspiring, caring and supportive colleagues.

David Del Rocco
Academy Faculty – Social Studies

David has made a significant impact at Punahou Academy as a social studies teacher, engaging students in Hawaiian Culture and World Civilizations. With a rich background that includes serving as Hawaiʻi reference librarian and teaching a wide array of Social Studies courses, David’s versatility extended to his roles as Hawaiian language instructor, hula teacher in the After School Physical Education program, as well as leading adult Explorations in Hawaiian language, history and storytelling.

His dedication to students and colleagues has left a lasting mark, reflecting his passion for education and Hawaiian culture. Highlights of his career include performing in the annual Holokū and orchestrating educational trips to neighbor islands for G-Terms. Beyond Punahou, David enjoys singing, traveling, cooking, baking and continuing his language learning journey. In retirement, he plans to travel, enjoy more time with his husband, and write children’s biographies on notable people from Hawai‘i for a local publisher.

Holly Greenwell ’86
Academy Faculty – English

Holly Greenwell has been an integral part of the Punahou community since 2002, with an earlier stint in 1996 – 1997. She served as an English teacher, having previously held positions including English Department Chair, 10th Grade Sub-Department Chair and served on significant committees, such as the Professional Development Committee, President’s Advisory Council and SEEL Strategic Working Group.

Highlights of Holly’s tenure at Punahou include developing new courses for the English department, collaborating with a group of exceptional department heads while navigating the challenging pandemic period, and working with the “Baconators” on the WASC Accreditation Self-Study Committee. 

Outside of work, Holly enjoys swimming, surfing, hiking and traveling with her husband. She is also dedicated to meditation, spiritual study, reading, writing, and collecting and preserving her family history.

Reflecting on her time at Punahou, Holly will miss the profound connections with her colleagues who have provided gifts of wisdom, kindness, self-sacrifice, guidance, unconditional acceptance and more, enriching her life both personally and professionally.

Sandra Hayashida
Executive Assistant

Sandra started at Punahou in 2001, serving as the Executive Assistant for the Academy Principal, a role she held throughout her tenure. Working alongside three Academy Principals, Assistant Principals, faculty and staff was an adventure and learning journey where she gained a deep respect for the knowledge and energy it takes to lead an educational institution. Sandra’s time at Punahou was enriched by the collaboration across various departments, who all contributed to the smooth operation and progress of the Academy. Sandra most valued the camaraderie, humor, generosity and kindness within the Punahou community, aspects she will greatly miss.

Outside of work, her passions include gardening, reading and spending quality time with her siblings. In retirement, she looks forward to exploring new interests such as Tai Chi and Tinkercad, along with revisiting hobbies like cooking and sewing. 

Helen Higa
Co-Curricular Faculty – Music School

Helen began her journey at Punahou in 1992 and served as the director of the Suzuki Violin Program at the Punahou Music School. During her time with the School, she prized the opportunity to teach alongside the late Hiroko Primrose and to introduce her students to many national and international Suzuki teachers trained by Dr. Suzuki in Matsumoto, Japan. Other highlights include hearing her students perform in the Concerto Showcase Concerts, organizing two decades of annual spring break Suzuki workshops and holiday performances at Kahala Mall. Post-pandemic, she especially celebrated the return of in-person group classes and playing together again.

Outside of Punahou, Helen enjoys being outdoors, reading, all kinds of music, cooking and traveling. As she reflects on over 30 years of teaching, she feels most grateful for the opportunity to pass on her knowledge of the Suzuki method to local students of all ages. While she will miss seeing and hearing her students grow every week, in retirement she is excited to learn pickleball, teach at Summer Suzuki Institutes, and teach at the Singapore International String Conference in December. 

Kalani Kapuaala
Operations Support

Kalani joined Punahou in 2000, working in Operations and as a school bus driver. His tenure at Punahou was marked by unique experiences driving students across the Island and also writing and performing songs for the School. These performances, some in the Chapel and with the Orchestra, led by Craig Young, and others in Dillingham Hall, left a lasting impact, including a standing ovation, having a song featured on PunaVision, and seniors choosing his song for their graduation ceremony. 

Throughout his time at Punahou, Kalani formed connections with faculty and staff, crediting his journey’s start to his boss, Steve Piper. His personal philosophy of friendship helped him focus on positive interactions and create meaningful relationships, which he’ll miss the most. As he transitions from Punahou, Kalani looks forward to finding joy in new opportunities, and will carry gratitude from his experiences.  

York Lee
Lead Food Service Worker

For over 35 years, York was a dedicated member of the cafeteria staff at Punahou. Serving behind the scenes as a Kitchen Helper as well as front and center as Lead Food Service Worker during busy meal times, her cheerful presence brightened the days of hungry faculty, staff and students. Known affectionately as “Aunty,” York relished working on the beautiful campus and enjoyed when people would greet her with flowers or a friendly “Hi, Aunty!”

She takes pride in the fact that her daughters Christine ’09 and Karen ’04 are Punahou alumni, and she is hopeful that her grandchildren will also attend the School. As she transitions into retirement, York looks forward to spending more time with her husband, Martin, her three daughters, and her sisters, York Ping Pang, who retired from Punahou in 2019, and York Yin Chang, who retired in 2023.

Kathleen Lima
Academy Faculty – Support + Wellness

Kathleen started at Punahou in 2002 as a substitute teacher before becoming a full-time kindergarten teacher a year later. After 16 years teaching kindergarten, her role expanded to the Academy, where she served as an academic coach and advisor, and taught algebra, peer teaching and Surf 2 until she retired in December 2023.

A cherished highlight of her career was teaching students in kindergarten and then again as seniors, witnessing their growth into thoughtful and connected teens. Her teaching approach emphasized an integrated experience, blending art, writing, outdoor activities and more, which nurtured the whole child. Kathleen valued the collaborative community among teachers, students and families, especially through combined kindergarten-first grade field trips.

Having her daughter, Jacqueline ’12, at Punahou added personal joy. In retirement, Kathleen enjoys travel, family time, caring for her daughter, Katie, gardening, stand-up paddling, pickleball and golf with her husband Tim. She also practices yoga daily. She’s grateful for Punahou’s supportive community, especially during her family’s challenging times, and values the sense of ‘ohana at Punahou.

Janice Nagai
Central Switchboard and Mail Coordinator

Malia Ogoshi
Central Switchboard and Mail Coordinator

Malia, who joined Punahou in 2003, recently retired from her role in Mailing Records, a position that followed her initial work in Mailing Services. Throughout her tenure, Malia encountered numerous unique “”behind the scenes”” moments – from an unexpected paraglider landing on the football field to adapting to technological shifts in communication, from landlines to cell phones and adding email addresses to family records.

What she appreciated most about Punahou were the joyful daily interactions, the School’s traditions, the sense of camaraderie, and the excitement of preparing for new families each school year. Additionally, experiencing Punahou alongside her daughter, Jade ’‘11, provided Malia with an appreciation for the educators and staff who contribute to the School’s nurturing and inspiring environment.

Outside of work, Malia enjoys cultivating hardy plants, exploring Tokyo and Seattle, and maintaining her 25-year yoga practice. She looks forward to her retirement, with plans to experiment with new recipes and master texting with her thumbs.

Sybil Yee ’76 Saito
Executive Secretary

Sybil began her career at Punahou in 2002, initially in Human Resources, where she managed employment before transitioning to the role of Executive Secretary in the President’s Office. Her tenure at Punahou is highlighted by the relationships she built. Professional interactions often turned into friendships, for instance, when assisting new faculty with their relocation to Hawai‘i. She cherished the sense of togetherness among campus and the supportive and fun environment.

For Sybil, Punahou wasn’t just a workplace but a continuation of her journey as a student. The familiar surroundings brought back fond memories and allowed her to witness and take part in Punahou’s evolution, as well as see the School anew through her son Michael’s ’14 experiences. Outside of work, Sybil enjoys glass fusing, playing piano and tap dancing. She plans to focus on improving these skills in retirement – but will never forget her time at Punahou.

Flor de Amor Tahilan

For nearly two decades, Flor was a vital part of the team that kept the Punahou campus pristine and lush, expertly mowing the grass even under the hot sun. His work was challenging, but Flor valued the daily interactions with his colleagues, who treated him like family.

Before retiring, he spent time renovating his house in the Philippines, where he has now settled. However, he plans to visit Hawai‘i regularly to spend time with the grandchildren of his two daughters and son. Outside of his duties at Punahou, he valued family time most. Now in retirement, Flor looks forward to dedicating more time to his family and hobbies, which include cooking Filipino cuisine, playing the guitar and singing traditional songs, embracing the next chapter of his life with the same passion he brought to the campus grounds.

Bonnie Traymore
Academy Faculty – Social Studies

Bonnie, who has had two stints at Punahou from 1999 – 2009 and again from 2022 – 2024, served as a Social Studies faculty member. Returning to Punahou felt like coming home, completing a full circle back to where her teaching career began. 

One of her career highlights was participating in a learning fellowship in 2002 – 2003 with Chris David, focusing on students with learning differences. Another was incorporating fiction writing into her American Studies curriculum this year, allowing her to share her passion for fiction with her students.

Outside of teaching, Bonnie is an accomplished author with five published mystery/thriller novels and another in progress, and an active member of the International Thriller Writers group. She is looking forward to having more time to write and volunteer with the group. Additionally, she is excited about spending time with her first grandchild.

Bonnie will miss the vibrant community of Punahou, including her coworkers, the picturesque campus, and special interactions with students, faculty and staff.

Lisa Watanabe
Manager of Visual Production Center

Lisa started as an IT contractor at Punahou in 2003 before joining full-time as a Product Manager in IT in 2005, eventually managing the VPC from 2010. Key achievements include being a part of the team that enhanced technology on campus with a generous donation from trustee Ron Higgins and overseeing the VPC and printing on campus since 2010. 

Lisa’s fond memories of Punahou include the end-of-summer barbecues and Punahou traditions, such as volunteering as a Carnival Booth chair for various kiddie games. Lisa appreciated being on campus and contributing to positive technology changes while her children, Sean ’10, Reyn ’15 and Kira ’18, attended the School. Lisa will miss the deep friendships and connections she made throughout the Punahou community.

Marcia Barrett ’74 Wright
Director of Food Services

Marcia joined Punahou in 1989 as the Food Service Director, her sole position at the School. Over 35 years, she witnessed significant transformations of the campus, from the construction of Case Middle School to the start of the renovation of the Academy Learning Commons, alongside numerous upgrades to the School’s infrastructure. Marcia found every moment at Punahou to be a highlight, cherishing the chance to work with incredible people and students.  

During the pandemic, she collaborated with staff and faculty to adapt food services to ensure safety. She enjoyed challenges and using her creative side to bring a special touch to events. Receiving the Old School Award in 2017 from the Alumni Association was a particularly moving moment.

She treasures the connections made and will miss the daily interactions, the students, and the work itself. Outside of work, Marcia is active in her church and enjoys DIY home projects, guided by YouTube. Looking ahead, Marcia hopes to volunteer, travel and read, and looks forward to sleeping in and exploring the next chapter of her life.

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Anniversary Celebrants

— 10 YEARS —

Aloha Allen
Accounts Payable Supervisor

“The opportunity to work at Punahou and be on campus daily has allowed me to actively participate and witness firsthand the incredible learning opportunities and experiences my children have enjoyed, which has been truly rewarding.”

Beth Damon
Junior School Faculty – Grade 6 Math

“Working with incredibly talented colleagues, building lifelong friendships, and seeing the immense potential within each student, celebrating their successes and guiding them through their mistakes have all been highlights.”

Pamela Piper ’91 Fox
Junior School Faculty – Grade 3

“The highlight of my time at Punahou is being able to remain connected to students and their families after they leave my classroom. Seeing former students on campus or in the community and learning about their Punahou journey is something I cherish.”

Gina Fukunaga
Financial Analyst

“For me, it’s the opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch with my daughter when we can. It’s our way of bonding and creating memories together at school.”

Dan Harano
Academy Faculty – Art

“Being part of a community that both challenges and supports me to be my best self has been the highlight of my time at Punahou. The people I have met and friendships formed will surely last a lifetime.”

Simeon Hatcher
Operations Support

“Highlights include making real friends on campus and watching my kids grow from freshman year to graduation. Each day I try to make people smile and laugh, and have fun on my bus runs. I give the kids different names because I can’t remember all of their names!”

Robert Ilonummi 
Operations Support

“Working on the same campus as my son Kylie ’20 and being able to watch him grow have been highlights. I also have met a lot of great people and made some good friends.”

Mitchell Krulewich
Academy Faculty – Math

“Teaching at Punahou has given me the opportunity to work with so many amazing students. I especially enjoy when former students return to visit and share how prepared they were for life after high school. There is no better evidence that we are achieving our mission.”

Justin Lai 
Junior School Faculty – Design Technology and Engineering

“I have enjoyed working with faculty and students of all ages across the School and departments.”

Elisa Lo
Junior School Faculty / Department Chair – Middle School Languages

“The highlight of my time at Punahou has been the amazing opportunities I have been given to grow as a person and educator, whether it has been chaperoning international trips, attending national conferences, or being able to collaborate and work alongside inspiring colleagues.”

Kathy Mau
Food Service Worker

“I enjoy the interactions with the students. They will often greet me when they see me around campus and sometimes send me notes of appreciation that warm my heart.”

Jimbo Poyo
Food Service Worker

“120 months, 521 weeks, 3,650 days, 87,600 hours, 10 amazing years: Priceless.”

Eric Reppun ’92
Academy Faculty – Math

“I enjoyed collaborating with colleagues, particularly with Mitch Krulewich in APC, Douglas Kiang in Comp Sci, and Carol Halbur in Diff Calc.
I also loved dancing hula for May Day when my daughter Anna was a princess, and playing Frisbee with my son Henry and the Frisbee club.”

Allison Rodden-Lee ’00
Junior School Faculty / Department Chair – Middle School Science

“Hands down, the people and community have been the highlight. Faculty, staff, admin, students, families, alumni, the extended community are a group of kind, caring, passionate, supportive and interesting individuals.”

Aja Nicole Siu
Wo Program Coordinator

“Undoubtedly, the highlight of my time here at Punahou has been the people and the friendships that I’ve built over the years. The people who have become like a second family to me have made my experiences here rewarding.”

Gina Tamonte
Food Service Worker

“There have been many blessings over the past 10 years. One of the things I have appreciated about working at Punahou is seeing my kids Meryem Anne ’20 and John Yuksel ’23 graduate. I am blessed to be able to work with highly motivated people, from the President’s Home and cafeteria to the custodians.”

Sandy Tsukada
Business Office Assistant

“The highlight of my 10 years working at Punahou are the special friendships I’ve made with faculty, staff and students in my ever-changing support staff roles. It’s been a pleasure!”

Nelson Uyemura ’93
Manager, Food Service Administration

“Over the past 10 years, I have enjoyed helping and expanding my ‘ohana. I know I am fortunate to be able to work with such a highly talented and fun group of people across campus. Every day brings up new challenges that I enjoy problem-solving with all of those around me.”

Jerik “Jerry” Viloria

“Reflecting on my time at Punahou School, the highlight has undoubtedly been the opportunity to work within its beautiful campus. My station at Castle Hall, an old yet charming building, has become my second home. As a custodian, I take immense pride in working here.”

Rebecca Wagner
Assistant Principal K – 5, Dean of Faculty and Curriculum

“As a fifth grade teacher, our trip to Hawai’i Island to explore Volcanoes National Park was unforgettable. Traveling with the kids fostered a sense of wonder and adventure that enriched both their (and my own) academic learning and personal growth.”

Jason Yamamoto

“Creating lifelong friendships, and being around all the positive faculty, staff and students. The biggest highlight has been the opportunity to watch my two daughters experience the Punahou family culture. I hope I can give back to Punahou for many more years to come.”

Janell Yawata
Assistant Teacher – Kindergarten

“I’m so blessed and grateful to have made many meaningful connections with students, families and colleagues over the years. I also love hearing the hilarious things our little kindergartners have to say and getting a glimpse of the world through their wholesome eyes.”

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— 15 YEARS —

Sean Alterado
Audio Visual Technician

“One of the many highlights of my time here has been learning to adapt and adjust when things don’t go the way they’re supposed to. It keeps me on my toes and surprisingly brings out a competitive side of me to get better and not repeat the same mistake.”

Lisa Asakura
Junior School Faculty – Grades 7 – 8 Chinese Language

“I am very grateful for our loving and caring Punahou community, which feels like a large, extended family. It has been wonderful watching my students and my own children grow and make a positive impact in the world with the help of their Punahou education.”

Laura Chang-Blust
Academy Faculty – Chinese Language

“Every triumph, accolade and success that my students have achieved and shared with me – whether it be a creative project, an award won or acceptance by their dream college – are special highlights strung like blossoms on a lei of service at Punahou.”

Karen Drozd 
Junior School Faculty – Grades 2 – 5 Music

“I love the reward of seeing young minds grow, develop and enjoy the learning process. Music is a powerful tool for teaching children about different cultures, being cooperative and respectful, and sharing the joy of making music together as they mature.”

Gentry Hirohata
Junior School Faculty – Grade 7 Science

“A highlight of my time at Punahou was having the opportunity to create partnerships with schools around the world to increase the amount of global education for our students. I am so fortunate to have great team teachers on 7Y that I enjoy working with every day.”

Mona Kogachi
Laundry Attendant

“Being a part of my children’s journey here at Punahou (Holly-Ann ’12, Weston ’15 and Madison-Joy ’21) has been a highlight in addition to meeting amazing people across campus: Dillingham, the former Winne Units, K – 1, laundry and athletics, and, most of all, Punahou’s custodial staff”

Erin Oda ’89
Junior School Faculty – Grades 2 – 3 Art

“One of my many highlights of teaching is when I see students become very proud of their artwork. I love seeing how their eyes light up and how students realize how their hard work and perseverance, sometimes failing forward, brought them to the success they were pursuing.”

Taylor Wong ’05 Pang
Academy Faculty / Department Chair – Academy Learning Commons

“Everything! Not only do I like working with the students, but I really enjoy watching and supporting them through their Punahou journeys.”

Jessica Thom
Lead Food Service Worker

“Watching the kids grow up and graduate from Punahou, then to see them when they come back to visit as an adult is a higlight for me.”

Roxanne Uradomo-Dikeman
Testing Specialist Lead

“I am grateful to work with dedicated, motivated and inspiring colleagues.”

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— 20 YEARS —

David Blanchette
PE Teacher

“The highlight of my time at Punahou has been taking students outside on adventures. From ‘holoholo’ on campus with PE students, to service projects on Kauai, it has been my pleasure to see the wonder in their eyes when they’ve become connected to nature in a meaningful way.”

Malia Chong-Reyes ’87
Junior School Faculty – Grade 7 Social Studies

“A particularly rewarding aspect is watching my niece, Ollie Cluney ’27, embark on her journey at Punahou. Being able to witness her reach for her dreams and cheering her on is reminiscent of the experiences my sister and I cherished during our time here.”

Nanci Coolen
Academy Faculty / Department Chair – PE

“The highlight has easily been the gift of a Punahou education for my two children, Demi ’12 and Bo ’14. I do my best each day to give back to the School that has given my family so much, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity they had to learn from the best!”

David Cox
Creative Director

“The highlight of my time at Punahou has been working through triumph and challenge with our incredible Communications team. Their commitment, dedication and unwavering support these past 20 years has been a foundation I am forever grateful to stand upon.”

Dan Gaudiano
Director of New Faculty / Growth Coach / Academy Faculty – Science

“The Grand Tetons Capstone Science (science, ethics and economics) class and travel experience for seniors that we developed is a major highlight. Being the Academy Science Department chair for seven years was also incredibly challenging and rewarding.”

Dot Hirata
Administrative Assistant

“Highlights include fond memories and experiences as a parent working here while my sons were students; volunteering as co-chair for Carnivals and the basketball concessions; and gratefully attaining a position at Physical Plant with the support of Cafeteria and Physical Plant administrators.”

Pascale Hunault-Berg
Junior School Faculty – Grades 7 – 8 Spanish Language

“The most enjoyable part of my life at Punahou has been building relationships with my students. I love to hear them laugh while they are learning Spanish. I love when they come back and visit to tell me about their life in the Academy. I see them blossom, and that makes me happy.”

Lori Komori ’91
Academy Dean

“Being a part of students’ journeys, witnessing their resilience, passion and potential has been the greatest joy of serving at Punahou.”

Kathleen Lima
Academy Faculty – Support + Wellness

“An amazing highlight of my time teaching at Punahou was having the immense privilege of teaching a number of students in kindergarten and then teaching them again, years later in the Academy.” Read more in the Retiree Section.

Maureen MacLeod
Academy Faculty / Department Chair – Support + Wellness

“So many rich memories! Hosting New Yorker writer William Finnegan (twice!); supporting advisory in the Academy; creating the SURF courses; serving on the Student Safety Committee and Learning Outcomes Working Group; students and colleagues; watching my own children thrive.”

Ann Monaco ’87
Junior School Faculty – Grades 7 – 8 Japanese Language

“Biggest highlight: being with my girls on campus. Their presence will be sorely missed when my youngest graduates this year. I’ve been inspired by Maya Angelou’s quote, ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'”

Janice Nagai
Central Switchboard and Mail Coordinator

Congratulations to Janice on her retirement after 20 years of service to Punahou.

Chad Nishikawa ’97
Academy Faculty – Math

“Through the years I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with great colleagues that have become close friends. What makes the Punahou community special is that friendships carry through from kindergarten to the Academy.”

Malia Ogoshi
Central Switchboard and Mail Coordinator

“I have come away with a deep appreciation for the many individuals who enrich the Punahou learning experience by nurturing, inspiring and encouraging their colleagues.” Read more in the Retiree Section.

Adam Reid
Junior School Faculty – Grade 4

“Traveling with students to the Big Island and Maui with the Outdoor Education Department was a highlight. I have also been to Morocco and Ghana with Wo Center, and I have chaperoned students on an exchange program with Keio Yochisha School in Tokyo. Finally, I studied literacy education in New York City.”

Tyra Shimabuku
Junior School Faculty – Grade 8 Science

“The highlight of my time here has been my colleagues and the relationships I have formed. Their professionalism and dedication to our students and their craft inspires me every day and those who I have the privilege to teach side by side with have become my second family.”

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— 25 YEARS —

Darin Au ’90
Academy Faculty – Music

“Fostering situations where students practice independence, creativity, emotional exploration and can be comfortable making mistakes is fulfilling. Witnessing students develop has taught me never to underestimate them; each one is capable of being remarkable.”

Dee Ching
Educational Technologist

“Being a member of the Design Technology and Engineering department allows me to be creative and innovative with the lessons that I plan for my students. They are always excited to learn new skills our classes, and the pride they feel as they solve the challenges is the highlight of my day!”

Todd Chow-Hoy
Principal – Junior School

“I smile when I think of the students and families who I have had the privilege of teaching and guiding, along with our collegial community that is always learning, open to new ideas, not afraid to take risks, and which genuinely cares for – and is supportive of – one another.”

Bonnie Christensen
Academy Faculty – Social Studies

“The highlight of my time at Punahou has been watching my two children move through the Junior School and Academy. It meant so much to be close to them while they were growing and I learned a lot more about the entire school by being part of their educational experience here.”

Fredie Corpuz

“During 25 years of service at Punahou, I’ve met wonderful and kind people. I’ve learned a lot from coworkers while working in various roles on campus, and appreciated the big changes campus has gone through over the years”

Mark Eliashof ’83
Junior School Faculty – Grade 7 Math

“The highlight of teaching at Punahou has been learning from different mentors over the years. I’ve been fortunate to work with skilled, creative and generous colleagues. They are always willing to share their ideas, give advice and offer support which makes me a better teacher.”

Wendi Kamiya
Academy Dean

“Joining the team of deans and getting to know our Class of 2026 students and families has been a joy! I love coming to work, even if it can be challenging at times because I get to work with an amazing team of colleagues and prioritize our students, every day.”

Kehaulani Kealoha-Scullion ’80
Director, PUEO Program

“The opportunity to develop Pilina or relationships with students and colleagues and contribute to the priorities of the School by helping to facilitate educational equity and social justice through Punahou’s PUEO Program are highlights of my career at Punahou.”

Kylee Pōmaika‘i Mar
Director of Archives and Special Collections

“In the August 1999 Opening Chapel, artist Desiree Cruz sang, ‘In every child lies our future. Teach them the past so they can find their way. Life’s greatest lessons come from sharing. Each child through knowledge will shine one day.’ I was in the right place at the right time.”

Erin Wilkerson ’89 Maretzki
Academy Dean

“The highlight of my time at Punahou has been having my entire family here at school and having my sons grow up nurtured and encouraged by so many amazing humans who truly care about them.”

Norma Morichika
Registration Services Manager

“I’ve enjoyed working with such an amazing and dedicated team, as well as the many wonderful, generous and caring people across campus who have become like family and make working at Punahou so special.”

Angie Oh
Executive Assistant

“A second grader greeting me with an exuberant ‘Hi!’ while washing our hands at the trough sink. Laughing with a coworker over something hilarious. The unexpected note from a student saying I made a difference. Those small moments of connection, humor, and gratitude are my highlights.”

Melvin Sebastian

“I love to work with so many friendly and nice coworkers as well as teachers and students who appreciate my work. I really love what I do here at Punahou School.”

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— 30 YEARS —

Lalaine Colliado
Laundry Attendant

“The highlight of my time at Punahou has been meeting all the teachers, directors, presidents, vice presidents and all the good people on campus. I’m grateful to be here at Punahou and to work with everyone.”

Timothy Dyke
Academy Faculty – English

“When I think of my 30 years at Punahou, I don’t think of one highlight. Rather, I think of all the amazing conversations and interactions I have had with students, parents, bosses and colleagues over the years, and these recollections make me feel blessed.”

Ador Galingana
Custodial Team Leader

“Working at Punahou has been highlighted by maintaining the Mamiya Science Center in top condition for faculty, students and staff, and working side by side with my wife Judy in the Custodial Department.”

Patty Kim
Procurement Assistant

“Working at Punahou while my kids were here was so wonderful – but also seeing the advancement of technology firsthand and working with our fun and hard-working IT staff. Everyone in the department works well together and it makes even the busiest days manageable.”

Mark Maretzki ’85
Academy Faculty – Support + Wellness

“The highlights of my 30 years at Punahou School have been meeting my wife, Erin, in the fall of 1998, as well as all the wonderful teachers and staff who have educated my sons, Quinn ’20 and Jack ’24, during their 13 years at Punahou School. Thank you to all those teachers and staff for your service to our family!”

Donna Reid-Hayes ’78
Junior School Faculty – Kindergarten

“I am so grateful for the children and their families, for my colleagues, and for the rich opportunities to deepen my understanding of early childhood education. Our trip to study in Reggio Emilia and supporting my doctoral studies are definitely highlights for me.”

Marciano Sebastian

“The highlight of my time working at Punahou is that I’m proud of my job and I enjoy working with my coworkers and meeting friendly people. I’m happy that I’m part of Punahou.”

Andres Vallesteros

“I love working at Punahou because I like my coworkers and the kind people on campus. They inspire me to do my best and be proud of my work.”

Beth Ann Young 
Athletic Trainer

“One highlight for me was the creation of the CPR and AED program for the Punahou coaches. I’m truly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had at Punahou School, and I’m excited to continue contributing to its mission of preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.”

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— 35 YEARS —

Marguerite Ashford-Hirano ’71
Academy Dean

“Without a doubt, the people. I have been blessed to work with colleagues who challenge me, support me and push me to be better every single day. And the students? They make me laugh, cry and delight in the adults they are becoming. It’s been a privilege to work with them.” Read more in the Retiree Section.

Mario Gonzaga

“I feel grateful for my time at Punahou. The highlights have been seeing my children grow at school, serving the wonderful kids at the Castle Art Center, and embracing Punahou as my second home.”

Tuitoga Moe
Operations Support

“Coaching intermediate boys and girls soccer for 20 years has been a highlight for me.”

Marcia Barrett ’74 Wright
Director of Food Services

“I’ve enjoyed watching students grow and am grateful for the people I have had the pleasure of working with.” Read more the Retiree Section.

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— 40 YEARS —

Vanny Clay
Junior School Faculty – Grades 7 – 8 French Language

“The highlight of my time at Punahou is when former students share their fond memories, their fun times in my class and how they were inspired to speak and love the French language. Another highlight is when parents express their gratitude for their children’s language success.”

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— 45 YEARS —

Siuta Fonokalafi
Maintenance Worker

“A highlight has been watching the Punahou students grow from ambitious students to accomplished commuinty members. A memorable experience was supporting Dr. Latham as a student athlete by driving the bus for his track team and, 30 years later, seeing him address the staff at Punahou as president.”

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— 50 YEARS —

Bobby Smith
Junior School Faculty – Grades 4 – 5 PE

“I have been blessed to be surrounded by incredible colleagues, an unsung and supportive staff, and the many wonderful students I have been given the opportunity to teach.”

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Lee D. Donohue
Dwain H. Hansen
Eric Y. Kadooka ’86
Joanne S. Hogg ’46 Loomis

Dean T. Matsuo
Victor Meyers
Beverly O’Sullivan
Loraine N. Loo ’49 Pang

Linda Schaeff
Delores Stevens
Margaret Tregillus
Leslie Wessman

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