CASE’s ‘Art of Entrepreneurship’ Cultivates Future Innovators

In the dynamic “Art of Entrepreneurship” class, an explorations course hosted by Case Accelerator for Student Entrepreneurship (CASE), Academy students receive a crash course on what’s needed to thrive as entrepreneurs in the arts and beyond.

Students engage in fast-paced, hands-on sprints across various mediums – from aromas and flavors to designing visual objects and spaces – eventually selecting one to develop into a marketable product or service. Final projects included the initiative “Recycle the Runway,” which focuses on sustainable fashion through upcycling donated clothing and “Aloha the Animals,” an educational coloring book that merges art with global awareness for young learners.

The course, which is by far the most popular Explorations class of all time, not only hones specific entrepreneurial skills but also imparts valuable life skills applicable across any career path. Additionally, students receive support in making their ideas a reality.

Lily Nomura ’26 shared about her experience in the class: “Throughout the past few months in the Art of Entrepreneurship class, I have been introduced to numerous incredible and inspiring people. By listening to the stories of these real-life entrepreneurs, I was able to think about how something so intimidating, like starting a business, can be absolutely tangible with the right people supporting you. This class has given me encouragement to explore my interests and has motivated me to push myself further.”

Junior School students also participate in the fun through their own co-curricular Art of Entrepreneurship course. They recently presented their ideas in a final project showcase.

Teaching the Art of Entrepreneurship class is incredibly rewarding because it allows us to witness the creativity, passion and innovation of our students firsthand. We love seeing how they take the concepts and skills learned throughout the course and apply them to their own interests and passions – creating unique, meaningful and socially conscious products and services.

Yolanda Lau ’98, CASE Faculty member, who teaches the Academy Explorations class along with Mark Loughridge, CASE director

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