Convocation 2021

Punahou kicked off the 2021 – 2022 school year Wednesday with Convocation on Alexander Field. President Mike Latham ’86, Board Chair Constance Hee ’70 Lau, Junior School Principal Todd Chow-Hoy, Academy Principal Emily McCarren and Senior Class President Tate Goodman ’22 spoke to Academy students gathered for the annual event. Junior School students watched the celebration from their classrooms.

“Our theme for the year is ‘awakening, ōlelo no‘eau: E ala! E alu! E kuilima – wake up, come together, join hands.'” Latham told the students. “How shall we wake up on this incredibly beautiful day in front of us? First, let’s awaken with a deep sense of gratitude … People from all over the world came to Punahou and found a home on this campus and made enormous contributions that we continue to benefit from. Our custodians, our groundskeepers, our cafeteria workers, our teachers, our counselors, our administrators, our alumni, donors, parents – all of them created a school that you and I continue to benefit from. So as we begin this new day, let us do so with a deep, profound sense of gratitude, knowing that what we enjoy is here because those who came before us dedicated their lives, souls and hearts to create this community.

“Second, let’s awaken with a sense of excitement and adventure. Let’s awaken with a courage to explore, to stretch ourselves to try new things … Finally, I hope you will awaken with a deep sense of kindness. All of you every day have a chance to make Punahou a better and more special place for the people you encounter. And you can do that by going beyond yourself and being kind to those around you.”

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