Cooking Up Punahou’s Iconic Mango Chutney

From tree to jar, volunteers and staff are hard at work whipping up batches of Punahou’s famous mango chutney this summer, a process that takes place well ahead of the next year’s Carnival in February.

Throughout May and June, parent and student volunteers were busy picking donated green mangoes from the trees of families and friends of Punahou. Volunteers then washed, trimmed, peeled, chipped and salted the mangoes to get them ready to cook.

Since late June, PFA Carnival volunteers and Punahou’s cafeteria staff have been cooking the mixture of mangoes, onions, sugar, spices and vinegar to produce the tangy, sweet chutney, which is then jarred and labelled. In a typical year, 5,000 pounds of whole mangoes make for 8,000 jars of chutney. 

Mahalo to all the volunteers and staff who make producing this coveted Carnival treat possible and for keeping alive the Carnival jams and jellies tradition, which dates back to the 1950s.

Photos by Punahou PFA

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