October 23, 1819 – The Journey

He Huliau: Intersecting Worlds 1820 – 1825


Map courtesy of Peter T. Young, Ho‘okuleana LLC.

On October 23, 1819, the Pioneer Company of fourteen Protestant missionaries, five of their children and four Hawaiian men sailed with Captain Blanchard and his crew from Boston on the Thaddeus.

Many missionaries kept personal accounts of the journey. While often devoted to sermons and affirmations of their Christian faith, observations of daily life and personal reflections emerge. The official Journal of the Sandwich Islands Mission, referenced as the Thaddeus journal, records observations by Hiram Bingham, Asa Thurston and Elisha Loomis, believed to have written the document in turns.

These journal entries provide a firsthand record of the journey from Boston Harbor to the March 30, 1820, sighting of Mauna Kea near Kawaihae on Hawai‘i Island, and recorded arrival in Kailua Bay on April 4.

Scroll through the journal entries to learn more.


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