First-Time Voters

Most members of the Class of 2020 will be of age to vote in their first U.S. presidential election this November. We asked four recent Punahou graduates to share their thoughts about being among the new generation of voters to shape the country.

It’s incredibly exciting to finally have a chance to exercise my beliefs by voting. You see for years the issues within your community, and finally, you can help elect people who will dedicate themselves to making your community a better place. – Imiloa Borland

This November, I get to take part for the first time in a process that I’ve been actively observing from the sidelines for the past six years or so. There are many policy questions and current issues I’m passionate about, and I’m glad I get to finally go out and vote. – Ray Sakamoto

I’ve been paying taxes since I started working in sophomore year, and I’ve been interested in politics even longer. It’s empowering to have a say in choosing the politicians who have so much power over how that money is spent and how I live my life. – Zane Yamamoto

I’m beyond excited to finally exercise my right to vote and be a part of electing a new set of politicians who stand for more inclusive, responsible values. – Hayden Brown

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