Hall of Fame: Clement March “Plover” Judd (1927)

The islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii have been the beneficiaries of Plover’s remarkable athletic career. It all started at Punahou where, in his junior and senior years, he won eight letters in football (2), baseball (2), track (2), and swimming (2) – and continued at the University of Hawaii where he added basketball, volleyball and soccer to his athletic repertoire. At the university he won 11 varsity letters in four years. Following graduation from the University there were new fields to conquer such as tennis and canoe paddling – and again he excelled.This article appears as originally published in the Summer 1982 issue of the Punahou Bulletin.


Plover’s long career as teacher of vocational education, school principal and businessman included stints at various times on Oahu, Hawaii and Maui – and wherever he went he immediately became a sought after participant in community football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis and canoe racing activities. With his wide experience and abilities it was only natural that he would be called upon also to coach and officiate – and again he excelled. Youth was his forte and as a coach he turned out winning teams from the Pop Warner, Bobby Sox and Little League to the junior and high school levels wherever he went. He is now serving as president of the Oahu Retired Teachers Association. Recently, asked to list some of his most rewarding experiences he cited the following:

  • ILH All-Star football end in 1926 and All-Star baseball catcher in 1927.
  • Four years varsity quarterback and end at the University of Hawaii.
  • Member of Honaunau Canoe Club’s winning senior crew in 1936 – 37.
  • Coaching at Punahou in 1943 – 44 and 195153 (football and basketball).
  • Over 45 years coaching kids.
  • ILH and Hawaii AAU swimming official 1954 – 65.
  • ILH track official since 1942 – longest tenure in the league and still going strong.
    No wonder the athletic section of the 1955 Punahou Oahuan was dedicated to Plover and as the students of Punahou said in 1955, we now say again “Thank you, Mr. Judd.”

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