Inside the Bulletin: It’s About the People

Our more than 30,000 readers of the Bulletin share one thing in common – a tie to Punahou. But our alumni span the globe, range in age and vary greatly in terms of their connection to the School, contact with classmates, careers, interests and pursuits. Our readership also includes current Punahou families, staff, faculty and donors – again, with very different focuses.

Since becoming editor of the Punahou Bulletin in October 2018, I’ve thought a lot about the content to present to this very diverse group of readers. For instance, while current Academy parents may be invested in what’s happening at the high school, would alumni living thousands of miles away, and having graduated decades ago, be interested? It makes for tricky editorial decisions.

But one thing that threads our readers together is an interest in Punahou’s people. It’s clear our community feels kinship toward each other and enjoys reading articles and seeing photos of fellow Puns, whether they are kindergartners, recent graduates or older alumni. There is something powerful in the way so many of us feel aligned with each other. We’re proud of the accomplishments of both current and past students, and we’re moved by their stories. There’s a connection. Thus, for this issue, as well as recent issues we’ve published, we’ve turned the lens on people. We want readers to flip through the magazine and be inspired by fellow Puns, and simultaneously learn about the School’s initiatives, priorities, events and curriculum.

For the cover, we are featuring surfer Carissa Moore ’10. Her athletic achievements are stunning, but what impressed us most was her self-awareness, kindness and humility. While driven as a world-class athlete, she stays connected to what matters most to her – her family and friends. At her core, she’s a Hawai‘i gal who married her Punahou classmate (Luke Untermann ’10) and still surfs at the same spots she frequented as a young girl. She also has a strong sense of her native Hawaiian roots, and has proudly stepped into the role of being an ambassador of the Islands.

On a different note, I want to thank Tilde Oyster ’22, whose art was featured on the cover of the Winter 2021 Bulletin. She reached out to me after that issue was published, interested in collaborating on future projects. Creative Director David Cox and I both wanted her to contribute. This issue’s college story was the perfect project because She is currently in the college application process, so she could channel her own reflections and thoughts into her artwork. We were both so impressed with her talent and eagerness to work with us. We can’t wait to see how she continues to develop as an artist.

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