Inside the Bulletin

By Diane Seo ’85, Editorial Director

New Beginnings

The arrival of new President Mike Latham ’86 has felt like a new beginning for Punahou, so it was the perfect time to push forward with our redesign of the Bulletin. Instead of just taking Latham’s photo somewhere on campus, we wanted a bolder look – a studio shot that could make a statement on the cover. He was open to anything, and he arrived at Dillingham Hall on the day of our shoot, happy and relaxed. Our photographer Kathleen Connelly and creative director David Cox had turned Dillingham’s stage into a makeshift studio, and within 20 minutes after Latham arrived, we had our winning shot. We love the new look of our fall cover, which feels confident and fresh. Latham also made it easy, exhibiting a natural presence that’s warm and assured.

New in the Bulletin

We’re debuting a new feature called Touching Base, which profiles alumni who are still in college or recently graduated. The intent is to share the pursuits and passions of younger graduates. Our first interview was with Kekoa Nakasone ’16, a University of Oregon senior with a love for fishing that began as a child, and has evolved into a meditative way he copes with stress and even homesickness. I really enjoyed talking with Nakasone, who belied his age with his insights on fishing and life.

Alumni Chefs

For our alumni profiles, we visited with three of Hawai‘i’s highly regarded chefs – Mark Noguchi ’93, Jon Matsubara ’91 and Michelle Karr-Ueoka ’93. Veteran writer Mari Taketa eloquently relayed how these mid-career chefs are continuing to elevate the food scene with their creativity and talents. We also tapped Derek Wong ’91 (Matsubara’s classmate) to shoot the portraits, and he beautifully conveyed their different personalities. Although Wong is a soughtafter wedding photographer, he’s more than mastered the transition to editorial photojournalist. Thank you so much for reading the Bulletin. I am very grateful that so many people read this magazine from cover to cover, wanting to connect with the School. We are having fun sharing Punahou’s stories with you!

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