Inside the Classroom: Grade 2 Market Day

Open for business! Several second grade classes participate in an annual Market Day as part of their economics lessons. They design products based on community and personal needs, receive feedback, then produce 25 items using recycled materials, which they sell for classroom currency. They advertise through commercials and flyers, and even “purchase” a business license to set up shop. Students are always excited when President Mike Latham ’68 and other school administrators visit them on Market Day.


This year, students received inspiration and insight into entrepreneurship from Jason Brand during a field trip to his farm, Kunia Country Farms. He shared about raising sugarcane, lettuce and fish sustainably, and using old surfboards, pallets and coconut husks as recycled materials. He also told students about working with NASA on possible ways to grow lettuce on Mars, creating a special blend of greens for Zippy’s, and donating lettuce to Meal on Wheels and the Hawaii Foodbank.

“Jason’s priorities as an entrepreneur center on caring for people and the land, and students were able to see firsthand the fruition of his ideas, which inspired them while working on their own products,” said second grade teacher Natalie Hayashi.


To prep for the big day, local business owners Ashley Johnson ’01 of Mohala Eyewear and Erin Kanno Uehara from Chocole’a gave students advice on becoming entrepreneurs. Several students incorporated sustainable elements into their products.


Second graders held an in-person and online Market Day.

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