Inside the Classroom: Sculptural Anatomy

In the Academy Explorations course, Sculptural Anatomy, students are gaining an understanding of human anatomy by creating clay sculptures. Students start with the skeleton, which gives the body its linear proportions, then add the deep muscle layers and move on to the superficial layers. 

Students are enjoying the detail-oriented process of building their sculptures. This tradition of anatomical study dates back to the Renaissance when artists turned to sculpture, drawing and painting to study the structure of the body.

The class is one such course offered through the Academy Explorations program. For Academy art faculty Ralph Pascucci, this has been an opportunity to explore a new curricular idea he wanted to try, and students are reaping the rewards. 

Pascucci has seen students, both seasoned artists and those new to sculpting, slow down and become immersed in their work. “Ninth and 12th graders are sitting together, helping each other, and genuinely having fun while they work,” said Pascucci, who is enjoying sculpting alongside the students as well.

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