Ka Punahou Society Turns 25

Philanthropy at Punahou, including bequests, dates back to the School’s founding and has laid the
foundation for the School’s financial stability today. Twenty-five years ago in August 1996, the Ka Punahou Society (KPS) was established to recognize and honor donors whose commitment to Punahou’s future inspired them to declare their intention to remember Punahou
in their estate plans.

These first 50 KPS members notified us in advance of their goals out of gratitude for the educational experiences Punahou had provided them, their children and grandchildren. Since then, more than 400 individuals have been a part of KPS. Today, KPS has 293 living members, tripling in numbers over the past ten years. These individuals and couples have notified us of their charitable gift plans, so that we can ensure that their wishes for Punahou will be fulfilled. Members span 70 years from the Class of 1938 to the Class of 2008, and include alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty and staff.

With seven generations of family history at Punahou, Laurel Bowers ’71 Husain and her husband, Itaat, chose to celebrate her 50th Reunion by making a planned gift to the School. Laurel and Itaat became members of Ka Punahou Society in 2020.

Many KPS gift intentions have been directed toward student financial aid, while others have supported specific programs or academic departments at Punahou. Equally important are unrestricted bequests which provide flexibility for unforeseen needs in the far-off future. For example, bequests for
unrestricted support made decades earlier, have provided important funding for the Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5 and Case Middle School, projects that were not yet imagined when these gifts were originally included in a will or trust.

Ka Punahou Society members are connected to Punahou by their commitment to the School and confidence that it will continue to thrive for many generations into the future. Punahou’s legacy is a part of each member’s legacy, reflecting their values and the lives they lived. Happy 25th anniversary, Ka Punahou Society!

Ikaika Jobe ’01, director of the Punahou Tennis program since 2017, has also been an estate planning attorney. He knows that including a gift to Punahou in his estate plan is a smart way to support the School. His bequest to the Class of 2001 Legacy Fund was counted in his 20th Reunion class gift when he and his wife, Nica Nordyke ’08, became members of Ka Punahou Society.

If you have included Punahou School in your estate plan, please share your plans and wishes with us and become a member of Ka Punahou Society.

For more information about gift planning at Punahou, please call Carrie Ogami, J.D., Director of Gift Planning at (808) 944-5845 or email cogami@punahou.edu

Tip for Impactful Giving

Do you own appreciated stocks? Stock gifts present a great opportunity to support Punahou. Your gift is mutually beneficial because the School receives the full value of the stock, while you avoid paying capital gains tax. To help you make the most impactful gift possible, Punahou has launched a new online stock donation tool: a simple platform that highlights the benefits of stock giving and helps you make your gift in just a few minutes. For more information, visit punahou.link/stockgifts.

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