Linny Morris ’ 73

Maiapilo at Dawn

Photo by Juliana Chaize

The exotic endemic maiapilo plant (Capparis sandwichiana), on the way to La Perouse Bay in Maui at dawn, thriving in a stark environment. With an average annual rainfall of just 15 inches and midday temperatures on the black a‘a lava regularly topping 100 degrees fahrenheit, the words “adaptation” and “resilience” come to mind. And the shade each plant provides hosts a small ecosystem. Look carefully, and you’ll see two ants plus the shadow of another insect behind a leaf.

Upon receiving a Minolta SRT-101 camera for her 16th birthday, artist and photographer Linny Morris immediately signed up for a basic photography class at Punahou and went on to take the advanced class in her senior year. She credits teacher Jim Little with fanning the spark into what became a lifelong passion and career. She recently completed a book, her 10th, along with fellow alumna Barbara Pope ’69 and Denby Fawcett ’59, commissioned by the Waialae Country Club. She and Pope also collaborated on “Kapunahou,” published in 2016 to commemorate the 1841 founding of Punahou. More of her work can be viewed on Instagram @linnymorris.

© Linny Morris

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