Lynn Kimura ’81 Kunishige

Lynn Kimura ’81 Kunishige

Each year, the Punahou Alumni Association recognizes individuals who are dedicated to improving the lives of others through service and contribution to the communities of Punahou, Hawai‘i and beyond. Their achievements are an inspiration to the Punahou community.

Old School Award

This award is given to individuals who exemplify the spirit of Punahou through outstanding service to the school.

As the daughter of a baseball coach, Lynn Kimura ’81 Kunishige grew up around the game. Throughout her Academy years, she volunteered as a statistician for the Punahou varsity baseball team. She kept score, compiled statistics and prepared a stat sheet.

In 1986, shortly after graduating from college, Kunishige was hired at Punahou as a computer science teacher. It wasn’t long before she was back on the baseball field volunteering with the team. For the first few years, she prepared and organized the grade check forms each player needed in order to be eligible to play. A few years later, Kunishige added daily study sessions with the players before practice. No other sport did this, but the baseball program could because it had Kunishige on their roster.

Today, in addition to her Academy math teaching position, she also manages the Malama Bridge Program, a six-week summer course that aims to provide a successful transition for Academy students who are new to Punahou. She also is integral to the senior class’ year-end activities. Not only does Kunishige run Commencement with amazing attention to detail, she also manages Senior Sing, Baccalaureate, Senior Prom, Skip Day, graduation announcements and helps the class choose, fit and distribute graduation attire. Kunishige also manages Junior Function.

She and husband Ray are loyal boosters and can often be found at Punahou athletic events cheering on the Buff ’n Blue.

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