Meet PFA’s New President: Ivy Nip ’84 Asano

Asano, who has been an avid volunteer for years, wears many hats. In addition to being the PFA president, she is a physician and the Director of Admissions for the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). She holds a master’s degree in teaching and education. She has two children, Jordyn ’21 and Jason ’28.

When did you begin volunteering for the PFA? 

I first began volunteering with the PFA in the 2014 – 2015 school year, when I was fortunate to be included as a sixth grade room parent.

What inspired you to become a PFA volunteer? 

I love school! Having been a teacher myself, I was initially inspired to become a PFA volunteer to support the teachers at Punahou. I wanted to help make it easier for them to accomplish what they wanted to do inside and outside of the classroom. I also wanted to show our children the enthusiasm that parents have for their education – and by doing so, get them equally excited! 

What has kept you volunteering after all these years?

This experience has provided me with a way to express my gratitude to the School for its efforts. It gives me great fulfillment to contribute to something much greater than myself. In the process, I have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with wonderful and talented individuals. 

Some of these are people that are new to me, while others are friends that I have reconnected with over many years. Can you believe that the PFA facilitated my connection to a friend that I have had for over 52 years? Additionally, through volunteering I have been given the opportunity to continue to learn and grow intellectually, emotionally and socially. 

What is your main objective in your new role? 

I hope that this year, the PFA will be able to convey a sense of inclusivity and welcome to the Punahou community. With the greater return to in-person events, we are looking forward to supporting engaging and fun activities that will hopefully be well attended. 

Having said that, we need and are always looking for volunteers to join in on the planning! There are such a variety of ways to get involved – from a two-hour shift at the Kirsch Art Gallery, to a couple of hours spent welcoming prospective children and their families to our School, to co-chairing the food service and supply booth at the Carnival. There’s something for everyone. Many hands make for light work. I thought that you had to be rather extroverted to be a part of the PFA, but look at me – I’m still here. Everyone is welcome.

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