Punahou Bulletin: Redesign in the Works

You may have noticed changes in the Punahou Bulletin, and it’s true, we are in the midst of a redesign. Starting with the last issue – our spring music celebration  – we’ve been making design and editorial changes to update the magazine both in print and online.

This issue, we’ve revamped the front of the magazine, filling the early pages with new features, like In Good Company, which highlights the people who work at Punahou. Also, throughout the magazine, we’re focusing more on photography, revealing Punahou in colorful and vivid fashion. We’re also introducing more stories that provide useful information for students and parents, like this issue’s College Guide.

Future plans include expanding our Alumni Notes section with short, fun features to accompany the traditional Class Notes. Overall, all of our stories, photos and graphics are being rethought to give the magazine a modern, refreshed look and feel. Our intent with these changes is to better reflect Punahou to our diverse audience that spans age groups and the globe.

Along with this ongoing revamp of the printed magazine, we’ve launched a new website that not only includes Bulletin stories, but multimedia content about Punahou, students, alumni and events. Starting in August, we’ll also be introducing regular athletics coverage, which includes more photography. Multimedia allows us to tell richer stories through photos, video and audio, so we plan to take full advantage of this opportunity and grow our digital content over time to showcase our vibrant School.

– Diane Seo ’85, Editorial Director

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