Student Voices on COVID-19

Punahou Academy students share their perspectives

By Noelle Nakaoka ’20

“In Mandarin, 危机 means crisis. However, one can also use the second character in crisis to write 机会, which means opportunity. Therefore, the Chinese often say that from crisis comes opportunity. Who better to make that happen than the changemakers present in the younger generation?”
– Ryan Kong ’20

“Students are sacrificing important events and activities for the greater good, providing an opportunity to practice being flexible in hard times.”
– Olivia Wedemeyer ’21

“Regardless of whether younger people are asymptomatic, we have a moral obligation to reduce social contact in order to lessen the possibility of infecting others who face fatal consequences from COVID-19. Oftentimes, individuals must make sacrifices to facilitate communal benefits.”
– Sascha Pakravan ’22

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