Teachers Connect and Explore Mindfulness at CTL Meeting

About 45 faculty members gathered for an evening of “Pūpū and Professional Learning” centered on mindfulness at the President’s Pavilion in early November. Faculty members from across the grades practiced meditation, shared strategies on cultivating emotional resilience and mindfulness, and discussed ways to be more present in the moment. The frameworks explored in the session were derived from acclaimed author, Elena Aguilar’s book “Onward.”

The event was hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) for faculty to connect and rejuvenate in a casual setting. Formerly known as Professional Programs, the CTL was established in 2022 and continues Punahou’s dedication to professional growth and development. The Center dates back to 1971 when the Department of Instructional Services was created with longtime Punahou educator Siegfried Ramler as its director. 

The CTL supports faculty in personal and professional growth through workshops and trainings, learning grants, sabbaticals, fellowships, book clubs, guest educational leaders and more, with the ultimate idea that teachers who commit to lifelong learning create the best learning environments for students. 

“The past couple of years have been so challenging for faculty, so one of my primary goals this year is to facilitate opportunities for faculty to connect with each other and renew themselves as educators,” said CTL Director Candace Kodani ’92 Cheever, previously an Academy English faculty member. “I think we accomplished our goal of cultivating community, providing a space for renewal, and learning some new ideas to make us better teachers for our students.”

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