Team Up! Tip of the Week: Waking Kids Up

Sep 14, 2022 – Research shows that waking children up at a regular time is just as important as regular bedtimes. Many parents share that getting their children out of bed, moving, and ready for school on time can be just as tricky as getting kids to bed. Try these tips: Have your child set their own alarm clock (this transfers responsibility of waking on time to the child), in the morning stand next to your child’s bed and continue talking to them for a few minutes instead of waking them up and leaving, have your child do their bathroom routine first (brushing their teeth, washing their face, and combing their hair will help them wake up). Set a routine for both evening and morning time to establish that the right amount of sleep is being met.

This Team Up Tip of the Week comes from the Parent Project, an organization that develops parent-training programs.

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