Third Grade Lū‘au 2021

In keeping with a joyous tradition, third graders celebrated their yearlong study of Hawaiian culture and history with a special lū‘au, which was modified this year to be consistent with pandemic safety guidelines. Last month, students finalized preparations for the lū‘au alongside teachers, staff and others. 

The festivities kicked off the week of Monday, May 17, with the sound of pū (conch shells) proceeding a procession of students through the Kosasa Community. Students then harvested ʻuala (sweet potato), kalo (taro) and kī (ti leaves) from the gardens. They also husked coconuts, and watched a demonstration on how to make lau lau, coconut milk and pound kalo to make paʻiʻai, which they then could make at home. 

During the week of Monday, May 24, students planted a new crop of plants for future lū‘au and helped build an imu by adding newspaper, kiawe wood and pōhaku (rocks), with all nine cohorts of students contributing. On Thursday, the students were excited to open the imu to see their efforts pay off. On Friday, students participated in a “magical” obstacle course, set up by menehune, and enjoyed eating a delicious lū‘au lunch as an entire third grade. 

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