Vibrant olives and pickled products of daily Turkish cuisine – Meze for Breakfast, lunch and dinner! An abundance of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and spices lend way for delicious and invigorating daily dining in Turkey. An hour and a half plane ride to Kayseri, followed by a bus ride to Cappadocia brought us to our incredible and charming cave hotel.

Istanbul: Ottoman Grandeur, Grand Bazaar Backstreets & Ottoman Cooking

Explore splendid Topkapı Palace, imperial residence of the sultan, his court, and harem, as well as the seat of government from which the Ottoman Turks ruled most  of Europe and the Middle East. At the exquisite Underground Basilica Cistern learn about the city’s  sixth-century sophisticated ancient water system in this beautiful and unusual space filled with recycled ancient marble columns. 

Tour the Backstreets of the Grand Bazaar seeing the local – but no less crowded – side of this bustling marketplace.  Experience a cooking demonstration and dinner of Ottoman Palace Cuisine. These dishes were served to the Sultan and his court, the recipes lost when the empire fell.

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