Volunteer Leaders 2018 – 2019

Volunteer Leaders 2018 – 2019

Punahou welcomes incoming presidents of the Parent Faculty Association, Punahou Alumni Association and Nā Wāhine Pā‘ani o Punahou, and the returning president of Punahou O-Men. Volunteers are vital to a thriving school community, and Punahou is grateful for these leaders and the many individuals who provide their time, expertise and resources to these key organizations.

Parent Faculty Association

PFA is a volunteer organization of parents, faculty and staff, dedicated to supporting the School’s vision, programs and activities.

Jill Higuchi ’96 Reppun

What are you most looking forward to as PFA president this year?
As PFA president, I am excited to build connections with parents, faculty and staff at various PFA events, gatherings and educational offerings. Our PFA Leadership Team of over 80 parent volunteers and Punahou faculty are committed to supporting the School’s initiatives and programs. We have an exciting year ahead!

Why is volunteering with the PFA important to you?
Volunteering with the PFA is a great way to give back to the Punahou community and is important because it helps me really engage in my children’s educational journey.

Favorite aspect of Carnival?
Carnival is a magical time filled with laughter, music, bright lights and ‘ono food! I love walking through the Carnival grounds and seeing all of the creatively themed booths. My favorite food must-haves include taco salad, Portuguese bean soup and, of course, malasadas!

Reppun is mother to Parker ’26 and Jack ’28.

Nā Wāhine Pā‘ani o Punahou

Pa‘ani’s mission is to support athletic participation throughout all grade levels and to enhance the girls athletic programs.

Kellie James ’01 Schmidtke

What are you looking forward to achieving as Pā‘ani president this year?
We look forward to achieving membership growth, fundraising success, overseeing Pā‘ani’s financial team grants, and the opportunity to recognize female athletes at the Hall of Fame and coaches at the Punahou Athletic Service Awards.

What events and activities is Pā‘ani planning this year?
We are participating in the Flaming “P” and Carnival; hosting an Annual Membership Pā‘ina; helping out at the Annual Pā‘ani Challenge Girls Wrestling Tournament; planning a pau hana event with the O-Men; pre-selling lei for Graduation in June 2019; co-hosting the Punahou Athletic Service Awards and Hall of Fame Awards with the O-Men and the Punahou Athletic Department; and last, but not least, having our meetings every month!

Why do you believe in Pā‘ani’s work and how does it support Punahou School?
I am proud of how far girls athletics has come in the 40-plus years since Pā‘ani’s inception. We remain a strong sisterhood of supporters for trailblazing athletes. Through our financial aid endowed fund and yearly fundraising, we are able to help balance the resources available to all student athletes at Punahou. We strive to inspire younger generations to give back to the athletic programs that help shape the Punahou experience.

Schmidtke has been involved with the organization in various capacities since 2016.

Punahou Alumni Association

PAA organizes and participates in educational, social and cultural programs that reach, connect and engage alumni.

Laura Ing ’71 Baker

What do you hope to achieve as president of PAA this year?
I’m hoping that more alumni from all classes will connect and engage with each other at PAA events in Hawai‘i, the U.S. continent and Asia centered around food, networking and fun. In addition to attendees, the chapters welcome volunteers to help at events, participate in planning and take leadership roles.

What PAA event are you most looking forward to? 
I am most fortunate to be PAA president this year as we celebrate President Jim Scott’s ’70 25 years of achievements at Punahou. I’m looking forward to attending the aloha receptions in every region and connecting with my ’71 classmates and friends from Jim’s class of 1970.

Favorite Carnival food?
Malasadas! Punahou’s are the best, and best eaten right away. And since they’re only available two days out of the year, I have little guilt while savoring every bite.

What are highlights of your involvement with the PAA?
I’ve gotten to know so many people from different classes, and they’ve all been fun to work with. I’m proud of the programs developed over the years, including the alumni speaker series, courses for alumni, travel programs, and the week-long summer school for children of visiting alumni.

Baker has been involved with PAA for eight years and is the mother of Katie ’00 and Beth ’01.

Punahou O-Men

Punahou O-Men is devoted to enhancing students’ athletic experience, and providing a venue for fellowship among former athletes.

Jon Everest ’92

What O-Men accomplishments are you most proud of from last year?
Closing out the O-Men’s $175,000 pledge in honor of Punahou’s 175th anniversary was a significant accomplishment. I am humbled by our members’ generous contributions and proud that we could meet this ambitious goal.

What was your favorite memory from this past year’s Carnival?
A parent came up to the booth to express her gratitude for the O-Men’s support for her son’s team. It was wonderful to have a real reminder that our actions have a positive and meaningful impact for students and their families.

What plans do you have for your second term as O-Men president?
Our biggest change this year is moving most of our monthly lunch meetings back to the Pacific Club after being on campus for the past several years. While being on campus had its advantages, the Pacific Club is the most conv

What’s the best reason for people to join the O-Men?
Our members have a deep love and appreciation for Punahou (and Punahou athletics) and for the experiences we all shared while students. Talking story about growing up with guys that are 10 years younger or 30 years older than me are some of my favorite moments from being involved in the O-Men.

Everest is father to Elyse ’24.

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