Why We Give: Courtnee Chun ’92

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Reunions are a time for reconnection and reflection. This year especially, classmates are opening their hearts and resources to recapture and celebrate their time at Punahou with the first in-person reunion in two years.

Courtnee Chun ’92 with her sons Everett Ulrich (left) and Van Ulrich.

Courtnee Chun ’92 is enthusiastic about her 30th Reunion in June. “It all started during my 24th,” she remembered, “when we worked the lu¯‘au which was honestly so much fun. It was wonderful to reconnect. And I loved overlapping with the Classes of ’91 and ’93, so I was already looking forward to my 25th.”

Courtnee Chun lives in Littleton, Colorado, with her sons, Everett and Van. She returns home often to see family and friends and wants her sons to share her strong ties to Hawai‘i and to Punahou. Professionally, she serves as chief portfolio officer for Liberty Media which owns Formula 1, SiriusXM, the Atlanta Braves and other media companies. She also leads the LibertyGives Foundation which supports causes that benefit underprivileged and at-risk youth in Colorado.

Courtnee is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College, where she majored in economics and math, giving credit to her Punahou teachers. Asked to cite one or two faculty who were most influential in her life, Courtnee noted, “I was a math person and I remember Jim Clarke [Calculus], who was my advisory teacher for all four years, being a major force in my love of math. One of my other favorites was Stu Gross. Money Management was the most practical class I had in high school. Going to college meant I had a credit card for the first time and had to balance my budget. Stu also taught us about various investment vehicles and to start investing early and gain the power of compounding. I really thank Stu for that!”

Courtnee has targeted her leadership gifts to her Reunion cycle. Five years ago for her 25th reunion, Courtnee established the Courtnee Chun ’92 Endowed Financial Aid Fund in commemoration of the Punahou education that prepared her for success in college and in her career. For the 30th Reunion, classmates and good friends Emily Reber Porter and Lisa Johnstone inspired Courtnee to make a generous gift.

Courtnee is committed to supporting Punahou’s growing financial aid program through her endowed fund, recognizing the benefits of a Punahou education and wanting to provide this opportunity to others. “I realize how fantastic Punahou was, and I’m impressed with the quality Punahou produces today. And the facilities are outstanding.” She added: “I would like to live at the Kosasa Community!”

Asked to choose an adjective that would best describe her Punahou experience, Courtnee immediately chose “enriching” and explained that reaching Reunion milestones, “gives everyone a chance to think about their priorities in life. As I get older, I’m more reflective. I don’t think I would have achieved as much or have a life as rich with friends if I hadn’t gone to Punahou. It was enriching across the board – the lifelong relationships, the teachers we had and the parents of my friends. I felt really prepared for college and for life.”

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