A Tribute to President Jim Scott

After a quarter century, Jim Scott ’70 will retire as president of Punahou School on June 30, 2019. The Punahou community is grateful for his 25 years of service that established Punahou as a global thought leader in education. He skillfully navigated the School from the 20th century into the 21st and transformed it – along with the lives of thousands of students and faculty who experienced Punahou under his leadership.

For all those 25 years of Punahou students who have looked out at that bright future that Punahou has had to offer them, and embraced that kuleana that you’ve tried so hard to instill, we’re so very grateful, so appreciative for the warmth and dignity with which you carried the School.

– Donna Reid-Hayes ’78, Punahou kindergarten teacher

Here’s a look at some of Dr. Scott’s notable accomplishments during his remarkable tenure.

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