A Victory Lap for Carnival 2023

“…And just like that fans, Team Pun Prix ’23 wins the race! The crowd is going wild and the cheers are deafening as Team Pun Prix ’23 takes a victory lap around the track.”

Behind every winning team is an incredible pit crew and the Junior Class of 2024 was fortunate to have the tremendous support of the entire community. Faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees, current and past parents, alumni, and local business partners dedicated their helpful hands, unlimited energy, and resources to bring the Pun Prix team across the finish line. 

The wet and slippery track didn’t affect the team as everyone worked shoulder to shoulder to make this year’s Carnival a success. Our lead drivers, Carnival Co-Chairs Koko Leong and Lexi Namba, Carnival Chair Lori Fujimoto, and Junior Deans Mrs. Marguerite Ashford and Mr. Jonathan Koshiba kept their eyes on the prize as they prepared for the race. Exceptional race support was provided by the Pun Prix ’23 student and parent leadership team, Class of 2024 student booth chairs, and both junior and sophomore parent booth chairs. A big thank you as well to our dedicated pit crew composed of Marcia Wright, Nelson Uyemura and the cafeteria crew, Charlotte Kamikawa, Joan Nakaya and the Physical Plant team, and countless other departments on campus. Thanks for keeping your engines constantly fueled to support Carnival! 

The Senior Class of 2023 also joined the race and baked up an entertaining Variety Show for all to enjoy. The fun student-choreographed dance routines, engaging student-written script, and catchy music were far from crumby with the support of our Variety Show faculty and staff team. A heartfelt thanks to Variety Show Chair, Heidi Okikawa, her parent committee chairs, and all the amazing senior parent volunteers who supported the Seniors. The Senior parent volunteers enjoyed their time together laughing, crying and cheering on their Seniors as they created memories of their children finishing their journey at Punahou.

Last but not least, a heartfelt thanks to the 4,500 volunteers that brought the beloved tradition of Punahou Carnival back to life. Carnival isn’t possible without the entire community coming together to support the Junior Class. While you volunteered, we hope you made new friends, caught up with old friends, and shared laughs with one another. Thanks to your hard work and volunteer hours supporting Carnival, we were able to successfully raise money toward our financial aid program. Thank you for ensuring lasting memories were created for everyone within our community.  

Enjoy the victory lap because you deserve it! Congratulations to everyone on an unbelievable race!

By Taryn Yano ’99 Kabei, P ’33

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