Academy Clubs Meet Virtually

A sampling of the 75-plus clubs Academy students can participate in.

Punahou held its first virtual Club Fair earlier this month, an online version of an annual tradition that showcases the Academy’s 75-plus clubs. During the virtual Club Fair, student coordinators shared what each club had to offer through pre-recorded videos.

Punahou’s plethora of student-run clubs gives students an opportunity to connect with others and pursue interests. The clubs encompass everything from esports and anime to civic engagement and community service. Although clubs will meet virtually this year via Webex, students have found creative ways to translate their clubs into an online format.

For example, the ceramics-based Mud Club, typically held each month in the ceramics studio, will continue at home. “We’re going to have students pick up their own air-dry clay from a store near them, bring it home and do different types of hand-building games, activities and challenges from the safety of their home over Webex together,” said Ryan ’21, the club’s co-president.

Post Mates Club co-founders Grace ’21 and Kayla ’21 said they will be assembling care packages and letters to recognize first responders, public transportation workers, veterans and others in the community. Other clubs, such as the Teens in Medicine Club and Rowing Club, will use Webex to feature guest speakers so students can hear from experts in those areas.

“Connection is something we’re all craving right now,” said faculty member Taylor Wong ’05 Pang, who’s coordinating the Academy clubs. “Students are really looking for a place to meet new people or find common interests. Clubs can really offer them that type of space.”

Brothers Ryan ’21 and Phillip ’21 invited students to join the Mud Club during the virtual Club Fair.

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