Alumna Helps Surfer Moms Get Back in the Water

After suffering postpartum depression after the birth of her child, psychologist Amelia Borofsky ’94 longed for some community care. She especially hoped to resume surfing, a passion that started in her 20s.

Inspired by the Australian Surfing Mums, she discovered in 2018 a group of likeminded moms meeting weekly at the beach, and swapping baby watching for time in the water. While one mom was in the water catching rounds of surf, another would be looking after the children. Then they would switch. This mom community lifted Borofsky’s spirits and inspired her to expand the opportunity to other women.

Last month, she helped launch Surfing Moms as a nationwide nonprofit, which almost instantaneously led to the creation of five chapters (Kailua, Honolulu, Ewa Beach, San Francisco and Redondo Beach). New chapters are also being established in South Carolina, Delaware, New York and Florida. 

“Surfing Moms gave me what I needed, the chance for ‘surf-care,’” Borofsky said. “Self-care is impossible without a community of support, and thatʻs exactly what Surfing Moms does.”

With health and support at its core, she knows Surfing Moms can help others. “It’s the only mommy group that helped me take care of me. I get to surf and stay fit while my kids get to play on the beach with friends in a safe environment, and grow up experiencing the benefits of an active lifestyle,” she said.

Surfing Moms is open to all levels of surfers and not just moms. “Dads, aunties or other caregivers are welcome, as are all ages of children,” said Borofsky.

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