An Inside Look at College Previews

By Katrina Li ’85 Wilson, P ’23, ’20, ’18, PFA College Previews Co-Chair

The college matching journey officially begins for students during their junior year when they meet with college counselors to reflect on their passions and how these paths may align with their goals. One fun and rewarding way to explore colleges is to attend College Previews, an annual event in December supported by the PFA Leadership Team to bring current Academy juniors and seniors together with recent Punahou alumni.

At the event, Academy juniors and seniors along with their parents can ask questions to recent Punahou graduates about anything and everything about college, from dining menus to campus activities to the best classes and more! It’s a unique opportunity to get the “inside scoop” in a casual environment from people with a similar background and discover things that aren’t found on the college’s website. For example, when I was a junior parent, I appreciated hearing that while alumni felt academically prepared for college, most did not prepare for the cold weather or lack of Hawai‘i’s favorite snacks.

College Previews also includes a presentation featuring a panel of recent alumni for an upbeat Q & A. Some of the most reassuring moments often emerge during this session as choosing a college is both thrilling and overwhelming for many! College Previews is just one of the ways that our PFA strives to support families by connecting one another through Punahou’s strong alumni network. The open format allows families to engage in a manner that is most comfortable to them – from listening in on the panel, to chatting one-on-one with college students, the event is designed to be as interactive or as independent as you wish. What better way to develop courage and confidence than to speak with recent alumni who recently braved this journey? If you are still undecided about attending, just remember caramel cuts will be served!

This year’s College Previews will be held Wednesday, December 21 from 3 – 5 p.m. on Punahou Campus. An invitation, with specific details, will be sent to families of Punahou Juniors Seniors. 

View a photo of the 2019 College Previews event:

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