‘Be Kind’ Spreads Message of Support for Middle Schoolers

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Each Monday, Case Middle School teachers don “Be Kind” shirts as a positive reminder to students that school is a safe place for them.

Grade 8 Administrative Dean Kip Kuhn explains the meaningful intention behind this seemingly simple act.

Under the most normal circumstances, Middle School is considered by many to be one of the most challenging times in students’ lives as children transition to adolescents. Add to that the complications brought on by COVID-19 – anxiety, distance learning, social isolation, masking, etc.

The impact of the pandemic on our students was glaringly apparent when we returned to in-person schooling in the fall of 2021. We had never seen such high levels of self-consciousness and vulnerability. At that time, the teachers realized that the most important thing for us to focus on was supporting the social and emotional health of our students.

That’s where the ‘Be Kind’ shirts came in. The teachers of Team 8X started wearing their shirts on Mondays to serve as a visual reminder that school is a safe, inclusive place for everyone. We paired the attire with activities to support the Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning (SEEL) of our students. Throughout the ’21 – ’22 school year, this trend spread throughout the rest of the middle school.

As we continue to return to more normalcy this school year, the ‘Be Kind’ shirts live on as a simple, positive message to start out each week with a reminder about what is most important in our community, kindness.

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