Big Shot: Into the Woods

Audrey Wee ’28 displays her newly acquired archery skills at Camp Pālehua (formerly Camp Timberline) as part of this year’s sixth grade extended day camp experience in the Wai‘anae Mountains. Each sixth grade class is participating in two separate day trips at Camp Pālehua this fall. Although not overnight, students still take part in many activities that have made the camp memorable for generations. (Off-campus Outdoor Education trips were canceled during the last school year because of the pandemic.) Outdoor Education faculty Andrew Nelson and Shelby Ho ’01, along with a small group of Academy student volunteers, have been leading the excursions, allowing students to spend quality time in nature, away from campus. “Just seeing the kids in the mountains again, learning new skills, laughing and creating new memories together makes us happy and glad these sixth graders are getting the opportunity to experience the beauty and sacredness of Pālehua,” Nelson said.

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