Buff ’n Blue Brews + BBQ, a Holiday Hot Spot

Young alumni from the Classes of 2005 – 2015 celebrated the holiday season at Buff ‘n Blue Brews + BBQ on Dec. 27 at Twigg-Smith Pavilion in Case Middle School.

The sold-out event featured beef brisket and sides from This Lil Piggy, owned by Toma Turner ’94 and a Rocky Hill Honey Lager made by Aloha Beer Co., co-owned by Dave Campbell ’85, using honey from Punahou’s apiary on Rocky Hill.

The end-of-year event is popular with young alumni, many who are home in the islands for the Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year holidays.

Trustee Greg Yim ’80, whose three children are young alumni, welcomed the crowd back to campus.

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