Carnival 2021: Scavenger Hunt

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade participated in a space-themed Carnival Scavenger Hunt during their recess. Juniors Mia Young ’22 and Chev Kodama ’22 helped organize the hunt.

Participants collected items around campus that a friendly, “visiting alien” had dropped on her way back to space, searching for diamonds, gold, meteorites and water, each of which had a QR code for them to scan with their iPads. When scanned, the QR code took them to a Google form where they answered a simple trivia question relating to the item they found or about space. Each scavenger hunt was tailored with different clues for the various zones on campus.

“The Scavenger Hunt went exceptionally well,” Young and Kodama said in an email about the event. “We received a lot of encouraging feedback from parents and teachers about how much fun the kids had. We’re really grateful that we were able to be a part of this year’s unique Carnival, and hope that the Scavenger Hunt can be continued in the future.”

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