Chef Mark Noguchi ’93 Makes Culinary Connections

Since the start of the school year, Chef Mark “Gooch” Noguchi ’93 (pictured here with Jalen Toyama ’19 as they prepare ‘ahi poke) has been making his rounds across campus, visiting classrooms to lead food-centric lessons and creating delicious, locally grown dishes for events. As a food curriculum specialist in the K – 12 Learning Commons, the affable, nationally recognized chef has been working with students and faculty at all grade levels to integrate food into the curriculum. His fun, passionate personality – along with his mad culinary skills – have made him a big draw on campus. Noguchi says his goal is to create a better world using food as a tool. “Food resonates with all of us,” he says. “It’s one of the most amazing ways to create rapport and find a common ground.” Along with developing a food-based curriculum, he is helping design a new café and a teaching kitchen at the Learning Commons. 

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