Class of 2023 Reunited at Sophomore Lū‘au

For the first time this school year, sophomores were reunited as a class Friday during a campus lū‘au that included a talent show on Alexander Field.

Prior to the show, students ate a bento lunch in their lunch rooms, then headed up toward the track to watch their classmates perform. “It felt so satisfying to finally be able to be together as a whole class,” Dean Erin Wilkerson ’89 Maretzki said. “The sophomores were a super audience to their classmates, who gave incredibly entertaining and fun performances. I loved all the whooping and hollering after each act.”

In planning the event, the Class Council made it a priority for classmates to be able to sit with their friends. The School’s Pandemic Response Team agreed to let the students sit outside, masked and socially distanced. “There was a buzz in the air as the sophomores walked up and saw their friends and classmates,” Maretzki said. “And they were so great about complying with our safety protocols. Our Class Council worked really hard on this event, and I think they were really happy with the way it turned out.”

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