Juniors show their Class pride in producing “The Greatest Show on Earth.”
As usual, rides were a popular draw at this year’s Carnival.
Carnival division chairs Cade Fujitani ’20, Jackson Kim ’20, Grace Bartell ’20, Chloe Balisacan ’20 and Jaycee Ichimura ’20 at Carnival.
Variety Show cast members Trevor Powell ’19, Kai Durkin ’19, Remy Fung ’19 and Reilly Higgins ’19 take a bow after their performance.
Coming Together – Punahou Carnival 2019
Class of 1984 alumni Eric Wong, Bob Yee and Debra Young Otsu enjoy each other’s company while working a shift making malasadas.
Coming Together – Punahou Carnival 2019
Ella Dang ’26 (left) and Jennifer Emerick ’26 (right) try their luck at a game.
First-grader Kai Ishihara ’30 flashes a winning smile at Carnival.
First-graders Dylan Ueoka ’30 (left) and Alyssa Yun ’30 (right) make their rounds playing games.
Punahou President Jim Scott ’70, who is retiring at the end of the School year, enjoys his time at Carnival.

Coming Together – Punahou Carnival 2019

The Greatest Show on Earth

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“The Greatest Show on Earth” unfolded over two days in February, uniting Punahou’s passionate community of students, parents, alumni and volunteers. As has long been the tradition, Carnival energized the junior class, who masterminded and led the show; reunited classmates of all ages; and connected volunteers to each other and the School. With traditions in full force – malasadas, rides, games, Variety Show and more – Carnival proved to be a lively, magical spectacle that lived up to its theme.

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