Design Technology and Engineering in Grades 2 – 3

Check out what projects second and third graders work on in their Design Technology and Engineering classes.

Grade 2

Child-friendly robots “Dot” and “Dash” are used in Design Technology and Engineering classes to introduce second graders to robotics in an age appropriate way. Read more.

In an imaginative project to inspire creative problem-solving, second graders had to help Fred Flintstone, whose shirt was torn. The project at the Kosasa Design Lab was a lesson in design thinking and fabrication, where children had to empathize with Fred’s situation and create a new shirt using newspaper, scissors and tape. Read more.

Grade 3

Building simple machines out of Legos in a third grade.

For third graders in Liz Castillo’s Design Technology and Engineering class, a box of Legos is an opportunity for fun and learning. Using what they learned about levers, gears and pulleys, students constructed simple machines out of Legos that could move as they turned cranks. 

While it may look like child’s play, Castillo says these are important lessons students can build on. “The concepts they learn now are foundational for future lessons where engineering skills are applied and incorporated into student creations,” she said.

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