Discovering Kosasa Community’s Playground

How do students like the new playground at the Sidney and Minnie Kosasa Community for Grades 2 – 5? If their joyful expressions are any indication – they love it!

At the start of recess, children flood the green space between their studio classrooms and the Junior School Learning Commons. The new play equipment, Hawaiian Halau, rock walls and water features offer a plentitude of options for fun and discovery. 

Some students opt for an adventurous time on the slide and galaxy spinner, while others take a quiet moment to contemplate the babbling waterfalls of Punahou’s natural spring that feed the Lily Pond. Still others seek out a shady spot for games and make-believe under the roof of the halau.

As the school year unfolds, their playground will evolve with the growth of native plants and gardens. The space will also take on new meaning for students as they learn and apply science and cultural lessons about their Island home to their new outdoor surroundings at the Kosasa Community.

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