Field Trips Expand the Social Studies Classroom

This summer, the ninth-grade Introduction to Social Studies (ISS) class, led by eighth grade faculty members Shauna Hirota and Leah Anderson, embarked on weekly field trips, where they immersed themselves in the rich history and culture of Hawai’i and explored various themes within social studies.

At the Mission Houses Museum, the students delved into historiography, learning about diverse historical perspectives and the interpretation of history. They also deepened their understanding of anthropology through exhibits at the Bishop Museum, which showcase Hawai‘i’s heritage and culture.

During a visit to Papahana Kuaola, and while geocaching at Punahou, they explored the island’s unique geography and its significance to the ancient Hawaiians. The class then dove into political science during trips to ʻIolani Palace and the State Capitol, where they met with State Senator Glenn Wakai and Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke, gaining insights into the workings of government.

In their final week, the students embarked on a walking tour and scavenger hunt of Waikiki, focusing on the economic aspects of O‘ahu’s bustling tourist hub.

When asked about their favorite field trip, the students agreed that Papahana Kuaola was the highlight. Their visit to the loʻi kalo (taro patches) left a lasting impression, connecting them to traditional agriculture and inspiring a continued interest in the diverse themes of social studies.

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