Have Class, Will Travel

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Punahou Academy students took part in an exciting range of educational summer travel opportunities through the Wo International Center this June.

Students in the Senior Capstone trip to El Paso, Texas, spent a week in the city and surrounding area gaining first-hand insight into the complexities of immigration, from those working on both sides.

Capstone El Paso: White Sands National Park, New Mexico

Another group of seniors visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park as part of their Capstone travel course. There they learned about wildlife, climate, geology and history while exploring the western Rocky Mountains. 

Capstone Tetons: Canoeing

Five Punahou students and five Hawai‘i public school students traveled to Switzerland to convene with two hundred students from across the world at the inaugural Villars Institute Symposium. They met with leading experts, educators and entrepreneurs to discuss strategies in restoring our planet and moving towards a net-zero economy. Punahou purchased carbon offsets for the travel-related carbon footprint from this trip.

Villars Institute Symposium

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